About Us


About Us

Payroll Professionals started in a 10×10 room in the Greenfield Area Chamber of Commerce as a cash only business in 2010. Growing the business through word of mouth networking made the need of a larger office crystal clear.  In 2012 an expansive upgrade, including a storage closet, launched Payroll Professionals into a 12×14 room.  Payroll Professionals has since expanded to processing payroll in 24 states and our offices now reside in a dedicated office building on Main Street in Greenfield.

Roger Rexroad

Roger Rexroad

Client Services Manager

Dave Sterrett

David Sterrett

Owner/ Chief Optimization Officer

Korrie Collier

Korey Collier

Processing Manager

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Providing customer service that exceeds our clients’ expectations is at the forefront of our concern at Payroll Professionals.

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